Wednesday, February 11, 2009


To me Relationship is empowerment, confidence, honesty, faith. Let there be no hidden agenda. Relationship should open new vistas of sublime satisfaction, blissful feeling devoid of any ulterior motives. Superficial relationships put me at a discomfort. I have never been able to sustain such relationships even if it meant some personal losses.
Relationships are like saplings. Light, water, air, manure, periodic tender tending and at times proper pruning. That’s the only way it can flourish. They need care as we care about a new born baby.
A relationship should make both the people strong and it should grow on them. And relationship is never a deal. However there are so many things unsaid in a true relationship. When a heart speaks, another heart should listen intuitively. That is true relationship. You may not meet for ends together, but the subliminal communication should happen all the time. That is a deep relationship.
I have always enjoyed relationships which are jovial, caring, which enhance my understanding of things around me. I cannot play games. Nor do I want to learn as well. I am a nature’s baby and would like to remain so.

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